Binary options trading is already very popular these days. Since this financial trading type requires traders to invest a lot of money traders obviously want to know which binary options brokers are regulated. – Traders should only register at binary option brokers that have a license.

On this page we’ll give you a short overview over the regulation of financial trading. Once you understand how this works, you’ll realize that trading binaries today is very safe in case you’ll only register at those binary options brokers that are regulated and licensed.

Below this paragraph you’ll also find a toplist of legal binary options brokers. In case you don’t want to read this article and want to just register at a legit broker then you should choose the ones we listed below. All the companies are legitimate and are in the business for multiple years now.

Are Binary Options Legal?

Binary options trading is not illegal in almost any country on the planet. Financial trading is definitely legal in the United States, the rest of North America and all of Europe. Options trading is also legal in almost all Asian counties too. Japan is one of the largest markets for this trading type actually.

So, in almost every country on the planet traders are free to trade options online. However, not all service providers are legitimate and function under a financial service provider license. Obviously you should only register and deposit money at those binary options brokers that have a license.

Fortunately finding the binary options brokers that are regulated is not that hard because most of them are regulated. However, it also matters in which country those trading companies have received their financial trading licenses.

At this moment the most important financial trading regulatory jurisdictions are the United States, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Japan and Malta. You should register at brokers that are licensed in one of these countries. A company doesn’t necessarily have to be licensed in all of them to be considered legitimate.

Binary options aren’t regulated in my country – what to do?

In most countries however, financial trading is not regulated. This of course does not mean that it’s illegal. It only means that there are no laws that govern the financial trading market. It also means that companies physically located in that country can’t become online trading service providers.

This has however nothing to do with traders’ activity. Traders are perfectly OK registering at binary options brokers that are licensed in different countries, like for example, the countries that we have listed above. Foreign companies are of course also allowed to permit the registration of traders from unregulated countries.

Future of binary betting regulation

As financial trading becomes more and more popular, more and more countries will decide to implement various laws and regulations that would govern the online trading market. Governments basically have two goals with such laws.

The first goal is to make sure that only legitimate service providers will be able to access the market. The second is that this way they will be able to collect tax money on the income that was generated by brokers. So basically every party involved in this relationship will be rewarded in one way or the other.

In a few years most countries on the planet are expected to have laws that regulate this form of online trading. For example, about a year ago only in the United States were binary options regulated. Now, they are regulated in various other countries such as the ones mentioned above as well. This list is expected to grow.

Why trade at legal binary options brokers?

One of the main reasons to trade at licensed binary options brokers is that only these companies are legitimate and safe. Those that don’t have a license don’t have it for a reason. – It’s because they most likely didn’t even apply, knowing that they won’t pass an independent evaluation.

So, if you want to make sure that you’re only being offered 100% legitimate services, then only register at regulated binary options brokers. – Like the ones that we listed on the toplist table of this page. All of those financial service providers have proper licensing credentials.

Toplist of Legal Binary Options Brokers

As we said in the paragraph above this one as well, on this page you can find a list of brokers that have a valid online trading license. We guarantee that if you register at these, you’ll never have to worry about issues such as safety, security, asset protection and others.

The brokers that we listed above also offer high-quality services overall. For example, they offer a very large number of assets such as different commodities, stocks, indices, and forex currency pairs. A large number of assets will make sure that you’ll be able to select those assets that can be used to make very accurate predictions.

Apart from licensing, we also made sure to only list those legit binary options sites that offer multiple contract types such as boundary-, one-touch- and high/low options as well. As you may already know, if multiple contract types are available then traders will be able to create better winning strategies.

And obviously we also made sure to only list those brokers that offer very high payout rates. The payout rate offered is perhaps one of the most important things provided by a broker. The payout rate will determine how much money you’ll win in case you make an accurate prediction.

Special bonuses

And finally all the legitimate binary options brokers listed here offer bonuses as well. Bonuses will be awarded to traders after they make an initial deposit. We made sure to choose those companies that offer the largest free money deposit bonuses.

In order to get some of the largest bonuses you should register at the listed online trading service providers by clicking on one of the sign up buttons on this page. Doing this will unlock the bonuses offered. If you register normally, you will not get a bonus.

We also advise you to read our additional articles and winning tutorials available on our website. This will allow you to increase your winning odds to a level that will make sure you’ll be able to generate consistent profits at the listed brokers all the time.