There are a very large number of binary options brokers available on the market these days. Finding the right one therefore is not an easy task. There are multiple criteria that traders should evaluate before deciding which binary options broker to choose.

If you read this page then you’ll know what criteria you should evaluate in order to find the best binary options brokers in the business. Understanding the criteria described here is necessary in order to determine which are the best binary brokers in the business and which offer the best-quality services.

Below this paragraph you’ll also find a toplist of binary options brokers that we determined to be the best in the business. Check out these brokers in case you’re interested in trading at some of the best sites with the best payouts and the largest bonuses.

How to Find the Best Brokers

There are a number of things new traders should be aware of when looking for the best binary options brokers. Not all companies are equally good and finding the ones that offer the best quality services is extremely important. Read the paragraphs below in order to learn more.

Licensing and regulation

Online trading is regulated in a number of countries these days such as the United States and the United Kingdom. As such, trading companies that wish to enter these markets will have to apply for a valid online trading license. Only those binary brokers will become licensed that offer safe and fair services.

You should only trade at service providers that have a valid license. Only these companies can guarantee that you won’t be scammed and cheated. The brokers listed in this page and all over our website are all licensed and regulated and exclusively offer legitimate services.

Number of assets

The best binary options brokers offer a very large selection of assets for their traders. The availability of a large number of assets is very important because then traders will have a greater selection of assets that can be predicted easier. For example, stocks and commodities are those assets that can be predicted much easier.

Also, it’s very important to verify if a broker offers various regional and lesser-known assets as well. Lesser known assets usually fluctuate much less than mainstream assets because a fewer number of people speculate on them. This allows traders to make more accurate bets.

Options types offered

The most important contract types in the business are high/low-, one-touch-, boundary- and 60 seconds options. Each one of these contract types was made for a particular trader in mind. While high/low trading is recommended to beginners, boundary contracts were developed with experts in mind.

A serious binary options broker offers all of these types in order to satisfy the needs of all trader types. Likewise, the availability of advanced contracts such as one-touch- and boundary options can ensure that traders will be able to generate more profits than the usual.

Deposits and withdrawals

High-quality brokers offer traders the possibility to deposit and withdraw money using a large number of payment processors such as credit cards, wire transfer, Moneybookers, PayPal and a large number of others. Likewise, the best companies have very low minimum deposit requirements.

Legitimate binary options brokers also don’t require traders to wait a very long time until they will receive their withdrawal. In most cases, a withdrawal should never last longer than 4-5 days. All the service providers listed here perform great when it comes to deposits and withdrawals.

Payout rates

Payout rates are extremely important because they determine the amount of money traders will be able to cash in when they accurately predict the outcome of a financial trading contract. The higher the payout rate, the more money traders will be able to make.

The average payout rate in the business is around 85%. However, the best binary options brokers offer payout rates much better than this. For example, the brokers that we have listed on this page offer payout rates if even up to 400% when it comes to certain kinds of contracts such as boundary options.

Bonus deals

Most brokers also offer bonuses to traders after they sign up and make a real money deposit. Bonuses are used to determine traders to register and make a deposit. The bonus money received from a broker will be real money that can be sued in order to purchase online trading contracts.

The bonus money won’t become immediately available for withdrawal, but all profits generated with it can be cashed out at any moment. After some time, the bonus itself will become available for withdrawal at serious financial trading companies.

When you register at an options trading broker you should make sure that the bonus offered by that broker is very high. Bonus money is after all free money. It will permit you to purchase more contracts than the usual, and as much, earn more profits as well.

Best Binary Options Brokers Toplist

Using the criteria mentioned above, we conducted a research in the financial trading industry. We believe that the brokers that we listed here on this page are the ones that offer the best kind of financial trading services in the whole business.

They are all legal binary options brokers that only offer safe and secure trading services. They provide a very large number of assets that can be traded on multiple options trading types. They also provide very large deposit bonuses to traders who register.

In order to register at these service providers you should click on one of the “Sign Up” buttons listed on our web page. This way you will become eligible to receive the bonuses offered by them. These bonuses are generally not offered to standard traders. – However, if you use our sign up links, the brokers will know that we sent you and as such they will give you the bonus.

Before you trade you might be interested in reading our complete online trading educational articles and strategy guides. Reading these will teach you how to trade binary options successfully and how to become a winner even today. Check them out.