Forex Broker Trader’s Way Offers Binary Options Services

29th of September 2014

Renowned forex broker Trader’s Way announced that it would from now on provide binary options trading services to its clients. The new binary trading services will be offered in collaboration with renowned binary options technology developer SpotOption.

The newest forex broker to provide binary options trading services is Trader’s Way. The company revealed that it decided to add binary options into its services portfolio after several of its current forex traders have requested this. Many forex brokers have already done this in the past, meaning that unless Trader’s Way does the same a lot of traders will likely migrate to other brokers.

The company revealed that popular binary options software developer SpotOption would provide its new binary options trading platform. SpotOption is at this moment the largest provider of binary trading platforms and white label services.

The SpotOption platform will permit traders to trade binary options contracts using a very large number of assets as well as with expiration times ranging from just a few seconds to several hours and in some cases even more.

Existing Trader’s Way traders will not be required to open a new binary options trading account according to the company. They will be able to use their current forex login details in order to access the new options platform as well.

Trader’s Way is one of many forex companies that have decided to add binary options into their service portfolio. This is in sharp contrast with the online trading landscape of just a few years back when it was only smalltime options-only companies that offered binary trading.

The large forex companies have in the past avoided this business because they were not yet sure that it would be successful. Now that the small options companies have proven that this business and concept does indeed work, more and more large forex companies are beginning to offer binary trading services.

This also clearly proves that the binary options business is here to stay and will not go away anytime soon, if at all. The large forex companies have only decided to enter this business after there was clear and undeniable proof that binary trading does indeed work.

In the future it’s expected that large and established companies would dominate the binary trading business. While this might sounds scary, it’s actually something that would benefit traders, as it’s these large companies that offer the best services and more importantly are regulated and licensed by various governments.

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