Binary options trading can be extremely rewarding to those traders who understand this concept and are able to make the right choices. Financial trading isn’t gambling (unlike many mainstream “experts” claim) and using binary options strategies it’s possible to increase one’s winning ratio and generate substantial profits.

In out binary options strategy article series we’ll be teaching you how to win at binary options. Using the tips and strategies given by us, you’ll be able to increase your winning ratio to a level on which you’ll always be able to generate profits over the long term. Our experience has proven it on multiple occasions that you follow certain guidelines you’ll easily be able to consistently generate income in financial trading.

In this article we’ll be talking about basic binary options strategy. Please read this page first before you go on to learn out advanced binary options strategy guides. Understanding the basic notions talked about in this article is imperative in understanding the more advanced guides.



Understanding how Binary Options Work

The first and most important thing to understand before you begin trading is understanding how binary options actually work. In financial trading, traders will have to bet on the outcome of a situation. This type of online trading is called “binary” options, because a trade can have two outcomes.

For example, a typical trading contract of this kind might look like this:

– Apple’s stock price will be higher than $500 at 16:00 today. – The broker promises a payout rate of 90%.

Now, a trader might either bet for, or against this statement. Betting for the statement is called “buy” while betting against it is called “sell”. If the trader’s prediction will turn out to be true, then the trader will win the sum that was put at stake plus a sum that is the amount at stake multiplied with the payout rate.

For example: If the trader purchased the above trading contract for $100 and he or she predicted the right outcome, then he or she will win a sum of $190, from which $90 are profits. If, however, the prediction will turn out to be false, then the trader will lose all the money.

Underlying assets

Underlying assets in binary options trading are the assets on which traders will have to purchase a contract. The most common underlying assets in financial trading are forex currency pairs, commodities, futures and stocks of various companies.

Payout rates

In binary options trading, payout rates are the rates that will determine the money traders will win if they accurately predict the outcome of a trading contract. In the above-mentioned example, the payout rate was 90%.

Winnings in this form of online trading are calculated the following way:

W = B + B * (P/100)

W = winnings

B = bet amount

P = payout rate

So, if the bet amount is $100 and the payout rate 90, then it’s W = 100 + 100 * (90/100) = 190 – as in, $190.

Expiry times

Expiry times are the times on which options contracts expire. These are the moments in time at which traders’ predictions will have to turn out to be accurate. If at the expiry time of an option traders’ prediction is accurate, they will win; if not, they will lose.

Understanding the Different Types of Contracts

There are multiple types of trading contracts being offered by financial trading brokers. The example that we gave you above is just one way to trade binary contracts of this kind. It’s important to understand the differences between these types because all of them offer different winning odds and payout rates.

High/low options – High/low contracts are the basis form of financial trading in the business. The above mentioned example in which traders will have to predict the Apple’s stock price will reach a certain limit is a high/low option.

High/low options are the contracts that can be predicted the easiest.

One touch contracts – These option types allow traders to trade on the likelihood of an underlying asset to reach or “touch” a predefined price range at the time of the expiry. These options are a bit harder to predict than high/low options.

Range contracts – Range- or boundary contracts have two lines. Traders can trade on the likelihood that the price of the underlying asset will stay between the two lines or will breach one of the lines by the time of expiry. Ex: Will Apple’s stock price stay between $590 and $610 at 16:00 today? – Traders can bet that the stock price will stay between these limits or that it will either go below $590 or above $610.

These types of contracts are much riskier than the other ones but offer the best payouts.

Binary Options Winning Tips and Strategies

Now that you understand how this form of financial trading works, you’re ready to learn some basic binary options winning tips as well. After understating the things below, you’ll be able to move on and read out more advanced binary options strategy guides.

Bankroll management

One of the most important things to learn in financial trading is to manage your bankroll. In this type of online trading you aren’t gambling and as such, you should always have a clearly defined strategy of how you’ll handle your money when you trade.

The first thing to remember is to decide in advance on a sum of money that you would like to invest. Under no circumstance should go above this sum, even if you’ve lost everything (unlikely if you trade smart) or even if you have won all the contracts purchased.

Financial trading has to be emotionless. You’re there to make money. You’re doing business. Don’t get overexcited if you win because it can blind you and determine you to place not well thought out trades. Also, don’t get disappointed when you lose and run after your money. You may lose even more if you’re sad about losing.

Analyzing markets and news

Again we have to point out that binary options trading is not roulette. In roulette there are no ways whatsoever to increase your winning odds. However, in this type of financial betting you make your own success. – If you watch news, if you like business and if you’re smart, then you’re definitely able to generate consistent winnings in financial trading.

The best binary options winning strategies are build on knowledge. Watch the news, know what’s going on and you’ll be able to generate consistent profits. Almost every single major event that’s happening globally has an influence on markets.

You don’t even have to be an economist with a degree to see a connection between things. Everyone with some basic common sense can predict the movement of an asset. The secret is to pay attention to the signs.

Paying attention to major events

Apple is releasing a new product today at 10:00 AM? – Then make sure to place a very large bet on the fact that Apple’s stock prices will increase at 10:00. You can be 99,9999% sure that your prediction will turn out to be accurate and you’ll cash in a huge profit.

Sure, Apple may only release new products once or twice per year but most financial trading brokers offer the possibility to trade on the stocks of several dozen of companies. You just have to check when these companies release some new product… and bang, you can be sure you’ll win all your bets at least 95% of the time.

These things are also valid on other assets as well. Say, the US Federal Reserve announces that it has printed a large sum of money. Next thing to do is to place a bet that the USD will depreciate compared to other currencies such as EUR or GBP. And this is again a situation in which you’ll win 99% of the time.

Winning at binary options trading is really this easy. Seriously. – Most traders are just too lazy and believe that they don’t need to use binary options winning strategies to make money. These are the losing traders who make sure that the broker makes profits as well.

Do you want to be like them, or do you want to become a winner?

Choosing the Best Binary Options Brokers

One of the last binary options winning tips we’re going to give you in this article is to choose only the best brokers on the market. The best binary options broker is regulated in a reputable country, has a valid license, offers a very large number of assets as well as provides advantageous payout rates.

Foe example, the brokers that we have listed on the table on top of this article all fulfill these conditions. We think that these are the brokers that at this moment offer the best online trading trading services in the business. Use the binary options trading strategies learned here at those brokers and make some money even today.